Senza titolo blu Mooring boats up to 24 meters long and up to 2.5 meters draft

Senza titolo blu Rental boats, fiberglass and rubber boats, up to 7 people with or without a license

Senza titolo blu Bar with home cooking that offers every day new specialties

Senza titolo blu Hauling and launching of boats up to 16 tons by crane

Senza titolo blu Two Operators Technical Divers performing any kind of work, from cleaning the Hull Shape until recovery of boat disaster

Senza titolo blu Mechanical workshop for outboard motors

Senza titolo blu ARA recharge for scuba tanks

Senza titolo blu Summer and winter custody of fiberglass boats and inflatable boats

Senza titolo blu Ability to move with our trucks small boats up to 8.5 meters long

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